Kiosk Simulator lets you manage a traditional kiosk in the city metropolis of Cologne, Germany. Manage and upgrade your store and forge your own empire of sinister products one needs after a long night out.

But watch out! Raging customers may vandalize your shop and steal your precious goods! Defend your hard-earned ground and survive the night!

The game has been in development since May 2023 and we plan on releasing a demo in Q2 2024.

Future releases on different platforms are planned.


Rise and Shine:
Manage your stores finances, unlock new wares and interiour objects and customize your shop. The more the merrier!

Stand your Ground:
Beware of the customers! Drunken thugs steal and vandalize your precious store! Kick them out, before damage happens

Winter is coming:
Seasonal chaos incoming! Cologne is a colourful place - fotball events or carnival may spawn aditional customers or enemies, each with their own benefits or dangers.

KIOSK SIMULATOR is a mixture of management simulation and roguelike brawler, presented in nostalgic isometric pixel aesthetics.



Hello, we are NEPTUN Interactive,
an Indie-Media developer team based in Cologne Germany. After 6 years of successful collaboration in our studies, we founded our studio in January 2023. Aside of the production of our own products, we also offer fast and effective supervision or practical solutions for media-creation projects.

  • Keivan Akbari

    Art & Design

  • Ilgin Oezcelik

    Art & Animation

  • Fritz D. Thiel

    Art & Design

  • Jan Wichmann



NEPTUN Interactive
Schanzenstraße 28
51063, Köln-Mülheim